May 2014

Iowa strength staff members Coach Maxwell, Coach Quiggle, Coach Dinkelman, Coach Hammes and interns traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Conference.  All 6 interns sat for the SCCC certification and we are very proud to say they all passed.  

Intern A.J. Kloss was presented with the 2014 "Lance Vermeil Award".  This award is presented to individuals who have shown a commitment to having a career in the field of strength and conditioning in the collegiate/professional level and have demonstrated tremendous potential and propensity for this unique profession.

Coach Evans and Coach Dinkelman also attended the 2014 Boston Sports Medicine & Performance Group conference.  Coach Evans presented at the conference on "Applied Nutrition and Hormone Optimization."

Coach Maxwell attended the NBA Strength & Conditioning Association conference in Chicago, IL.